K-Series Retro-Fit Packages

Retro-fit Packages
The K-Series retro-fit package was produced to offer a complete, high quality sprouting system that fit into an existing room or building. This kit includes everything necessary to get sprouting except the enclosure and climate control:

  • Designed to fit into existing buildings
  • Includes: Essentials kit, & peripherals
  • Excludes grow room building, insulation, lighting (contact FodderTech for complete model guide)
  • Installation and site clearance by FodderTech engineer is required for Mold Free Guarantee
Caution: The Retro Fit package requires a significant amount of effort on behalf of the customer to produce the proper grow room conditions for sprouting mold free. The costs involved in producing the grow room, insulation, lighting, flooring, and finishing is more often cheaper when handled by the farmer. This enables us to provide the highest quality grow system at the lowest price possible.