The Q Series Sprouting Systems

FodderTech is proud to introduce the Q Series Commercial Sprouting Systems. The Q Series systems come complete with all of the advantages offered by FodderTech sprouting systems.

Q Series Models

The Q Series come as either:

  • External Q Series: The Q Series External provides a total solution. It includes its own temperature controlled housing, state-of-the-art sprouting components, and modular designs that allow for relocation and future expansion.
  • Internal Q Series: The Q Series Internal provides sprouting equipment ready to install into a properly prepared existing building.

Q Series Features

The Q Series systems are an upgrade to previously released FodderTech sprouting systems including:

  • 60% smaller footprint
  • More energy efficient
  • Modularized designs
  • Expandable designs
  • Rafter and roller system
  • Labor input to reduced to as little as 2 hrs/ton
  • Wide access - equipment can enter the building
  • Fully automated watering, dosing, and temperature controls
  • FodderTech 100% money back Mold Free Guarantee

Reduced Footprint: The new Q Series systems use a footprint that is 60% smaller than older models. Previous designs would be able to sprout 2000 lbs of sprouts in 2000 square feet. The Q 2000 system will produce 2000 lbs of sprouts daily in just 1200 square feet.

Energy Efficiency: The Q Series systems come standard with R-28 insulation throughout the building. Additional insulation can be added for extreme climates. The reduced footprint combined with extra insulation make the new sprouting systems significantly more energy efficient.

Modularized design: These commercial products come in with external or internal options. All external options come complete as a total solution. The external systems include an installed control room, an expandable grow room, and an insulated flooring solution.

Expandability: The Q Series comes standard with a 20' control room dedicated as the brains of the sprouting system. This area includes automated water controls, a recirculating mixing tank, automated dosing systems, temperature controls, and more. The grow room extends from there to the end of the building. The grow room is expandable. Start with 1,000 lbs of capacity today and extend the grow room tomorrow with minimal changes to the control room.

Rafter and Rollers: The Q Series suspends the sprouting racks for a space concious design. The suspended racks slide back and forth with ease to create temporary aisles in between each sprouting rack.

Labor Saving: Labor saving techniques are products are being developed and shared with FodderTech users. The goal is to reduce the time to sprout 1 ton of sprouts down to 1 hour per day. Currently an experienced grower will sprout 2000 lbs of sprouts in about 2 hours in the Q Series.

Wide aisles and access: Wide aisles and entrances allow for some equipment to aid in harvesting and lifting the sprouts.

Semi-automated designs: Water controls, temperature controls, the pre-soak station, water treatment and nutrient dosing systems are all standard in the Q Series designs.

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