Q Series Advantages

FodderTech Q Series

The FodderTech Q Series is designed to grow between 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, 4000 lbs and incremental sections of 1000 lbs of sprouts every day up to the volume desired. FodderTech designs have been perfected for quality over the last 11 years. The FodderTech designs have significant advantages over other designs.

All FodderTech systems offer the following advantages:

  • FodderTech 100% Money Back Mold Free Guarantee
  • Grow 10" - 12" thick sprouts with up to 3" thick root mat
  • Operate and maintain entirely indoors
  • Operate without exposing sprouts to ambient temperature
  • No sprays system
  • Access to sprouts during every stage of growth
  • Access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Energy efficient designs - R-28 insulation
  • Recirulating water system
  • Made in the USA
  • Complete all-inclusive packages

The sprouting professionals

Mold Free Guarantee: No strong chemicals are added for mold control. A quality building is necessary to grow mold free. Greenhouses cannot maintain the proper conditions for growing mold free. The FodderTech system is the ONLY system that offers a 100% Mold Free Guarantee without the use of strong chemicals.

Thicker, Taller, Lusher: There is no substitute for quality. FodderTech sprouts are 10" - 12" tall in 8 days. The root mat develops between 2" - 3" thick. Other systems would grow sprouts to 4" - 8" tall sprouts with less than 1" thick root mat. The root mat is saturated in sucrose, fructose, glucose, and energy. The taller sprouts and thicker root mat offers unique nutritional advantages that shorter sprouts cannot deliver.

Optimal Controls: Sprouts are sensitive to climate. When operating a FodderTech sprouting system the sprouts are never exposed to ambient temperature. All operations are performed behind closed doors. Systems that expose the sprouts to ambient air during operation are inefficient, can stunt the plant growth, and require chemicals to control the mold.

No Sprays: Spraying plants from above increases humidity and mold potential during sprouting. Strong chemicals like chlorine being sprayed in the building would cause corrosion to aluminum racks. FodderTech systems do not use sprays to irrigate the sprouts.

Wide Aisles: Access to the sprouts through the every growth stage is important for troubleshooting, operation, maintenance, and cleaning is critical. If there is no access and mold grows then it will spread. FodderTech systems offer wide aisles with access to days 1 - 8 of the sprouting process.

Energy Efficiency: Regardless of the amount of insulation included in a sprouting system, if the interior of the building is exposed to ambient air during operation then 100% of the air is exchanged and the building needs to be heated or cooled to the proper temperature for sprouting. FodderTech designs come complete with R-28 insulation and do not expose sprouts to ambient air so the process is extremely energy efficient.

Recirculating Water System: The FodderTech designs use a recirculating water system. These designs allow operators to condition the water for optimal growing conditions. This allows growers to maximize the amount feed from each lb of seed.

Made in the USA: Sprouting systems for animal feed are available from around the globe. FodderTech is owned and operated from the US. All fabrication for US models is done in the America.

Complete, All-Inclusive: The FodderTech systems come complete with everything necessary to sprout the day that they are delivered and setup. Pricing includes everything that is necessary to sprout.

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Caution: Beware of copycat systems. FodderTech is NO way related to the designs offered by FarmTek. FodderTech does NOT recommend a greenhouse for sprouting. FodderTech cannot offer technical support to get other designs to sprout mold free without quality materials used.