Feeding Sprouts to Other Animals

Fresh sprouts grown in a FodderTech system offer nutritional advantages for Alpaca, Elk, Deer, Buffalo, Rabbits, Tilapia, and a large number of zoo animals. A wide range of animals perform very well when eating fresh, green sprouts. FodderTech sprouting systems allow users to supply appropriate volumes of fresh, spring grass shoots to their animals for optimal performance.

Alpaca & Llamas

Feeding sprouts to alpaca offers very dramatic advantages including:

  • Faster weight gain
  • Better appearance and coat
  • Higher fertility

Buffalo, Elk, & Deer

Feeding sprouts to buffalo, elk, & deer offers a wide range of advantages including:

  • Lower feed cost
  • Faster weight gain
  • Better appearance and coat
  • Higher fertility
  • Increased ovulation rates
  • Increased lactation
  • Reduced teeth wear

I was very happy with the results of feeding barley grass fodder on my deer. They enjoyed eating the fodder. It is easy to feed out. I didn't have any signs of diarrhoea or unused grain in their faeces which mean it was highly digestible. The fodder also significantly reduced our feed costs.


Feeding sprouts to rabbits offers very dramatic advantages including:

  • Faster weight gain
  • Higher fertility
  • Ween from mothers faster
  • Reduced scours when weening
  • Higher fertility

Results: A rabbit farmer in Australia was paying $760 for three weeks worth of feed for 50 Does and 60 - 70 young ones. With Fodder he spends $760 every three weeks, however he is feeding 90 Does and around 250 young ones. The Does have never been so fertile. Litter averages are up to 10 - 12 with some litters as high as 15 rabbits!

Read an article about a FodderTech user's experience feeding Rabbits from the magazine Practical Hydroponics:




Feeding sprouts to Tilapia offers signicant advantages including:

  • High levels of protein (35% on blades)
  • Affordable source of protein
  • Source of fresh, clean feed

Zoo animals & exotics

Feeding sprouts to zoo animals and exotics offers dramatic advantages including:

  • Consistent source of feed
  • Higher digestion - less waste
  • Improved health