Cost Details

Sprouting: Cost Effective

Growing barley sprouts in a FodderTech Commercial Sprouting System is a cost effective way to feed livestock. Costs range based on local inputs. Most of our clients worldwide sprout for as little as $60 - $100 per ton. With the rising price of grain, corn, and alfalfa, this is a very affordable method for feeding livestock. Organic sprouts can be grown for around $100 - $150 per ton.

Operating Cost Analysis

Costs to grow sprouts vary based on local costs of inputs including barley seed, labor, and power. The following is a representation of the operational costs to grow one ton of sprouts per day:

BARLEY GRAIN - $20.00 - $60.00

LABOR - $30.00

POWER - $7.00

NUTRIENT - $7.00

TOTAL COSTS - $64.00 - $104.00

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