Grow feed year round for as little as $60 - $100 per ton

Switching to the FodderTech Sprouting System can significantly reduce the cost of feeding livestock. A case study using beef cattle proved a 27% reduction in feeding costs per lb of weight gain using only supplementary volumes of barley sprouts grown in a FodderTech system.

"Since the introduction of fodder we have reduced our feed bill by 60%"


FodderTech sprouting systems are extremely efficient and cost effective. The costs of grain, energy, labor, water, and nutrient range from $0.03 - $0.05 per lb across different parts of the globe. Costs vary based on regional availability of nutrient and regional costs of energy & labor.

Feed costs

The cost of feed in the US has been on the rise. Currently corn prices are upwards of $300 per ton and alfalfa is as high as $240 per ton. FodderTech offers feed at $60 - $80 per ton. Don't delay getting a sprouting system a moment longer.

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Cost Details

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