Q Series Specifications

Q Series: Commercial Systems

Grow commercial volumes of consistent, reliable sprouts everyday for using the advanced Q Series Sprouting Systems.  

  • Sizes that grow ½ ton, 1 ton, 2+ ton daily
  • Complete start to finish solution
  • FodderTech mold free guarantee
  • On-site professional installation & training
  • Expandable & modular designs
  • Walls, roof, flooring, insulation, & control room

Q Series Packages

Multiple packages are available for purchase:

  • External Q Series: The Q Series External provides a total solution.  It includes its own temperature controlled housing, state-of-the-art sprouting components, and modular designs that allow for relocation and future expansion:
  • Internal Q Series:  Convert an existing building to a sprouting system with our Q Series Internal packages.  All internal models require an on-site review to ensure quality results:

For a full list of items included in each package and pricing contact info@foddertech.com

The FodderTech Advantage:

Not all sprouting systems were created equal.  FodderTech has spent 11 years perfecting it's designs to ensure quality.  These systems offer features and benefits including:

Feature Benefit
Operated entirely indoors Efficient operation - less air loss
Mold Free Guarantee Eliminate wasted harvests & strong chemicals 
No spray design Reduce mold potential
Recirculating water system Extremely water efficient
Aluminum frames Rust free, long life span
Made in the USA Access to troubleshooting and support


The FodderTech Mold Free Guarantee

Growing commercial volumes of sprouts mold free is a real challenge.  A ton of grain contains 100 billion mold spores.  If sprouted incorrectly the mold and fungus will thrive.  Chemicals are not the answer to killing the mold.  Strong chemicals used to kill the mold would damage sprouts and can be traced in the animals and consumables.    

FodderTech uses quality materials and state of the art growing techniques to prevent mold from growing.  FodderTech is the only system that guarantees mold free sprouting without the use of strong chemicals. 

Q Series Models and Capacities

FodderTech Q Series Models and Capacities
Unit Model
  Q 1,000 Q 2,000 Q 4,000 Q 8,000 Q 16,000+
Sprout Production (lbs/day) 1,000 2,000 4,000 8,000 16,000+
Sprout Production per day 1/2 ton 1 ton 2 tons 4 tons 8 tons+
Unsprouted Grain (lbs/day) 145 290 580 1,160 2,320+
Water (gallons/day) 100 180 360 720 1,440+

Building Dimensions

L x W x H

20' x 44' x 14'  20' x 60' x 14'  20' x 100' x 14'  40' x 100' x 14'   40' x 200' x 14' 

Alternative Building

Dimensions  L x W x H

- - 40' x 60' x 14' 20' x 200' x 14'   Call for quotes 



Q Series Commercial Product Guide

Q Series Components List
Items Included External Q Series Internal Package
FodderTech Mold Free Guarantee Yes Yes*
13' Food grade, high density channels Yes Yes
Aluminum, reinforced, rust free racks Yes Yes
Suspended rafter & roller system Yes Yes
Plumbing fittings & valves Yes Yes
Mixing tank, pump,& plumbing Yes Yes
Chemicals, nutrient, solutions, & barrels Yes Yes
Grain soaking station, valves, & plumbing Yes Yes
Control panel, digital meters, & sensors Yes Yes
ECU, air exchange, & temperature controls Yes Yes
Professional installation - avg.10 days on-site Yes Yes
On-site professional training Yes Yes
Complete building Yes --
Waterproof flooring and wall finish Yes --
In-floor drain Yes --
Insulation & finish Yes --
Lighting & electrical Yes --

* Included with the purchase of a professional installation

Optional accessories: 

  • Grain silo
  • In floor radiant heat
  • Extra insulation for extreme climates
  • Conveyer system for harvested sprouts (ready for TMR integration)